GoPetitionApril 2011:
Local residents have, for six years, been battling to save Copperfield Street Community Garden, and All Hallows Church and Vicarage from development as private flats by Southwark Cathedral.
We are pleased to let you all know that after meeting with residents, the cathedral has withdrawn its planning application. They have agreed to work with us and are now meeting to find a solution that will benefit both the community and the cathedral. 
This is the third time residents have successfully opposed plans that would have damaged the quality of community life in a conservation area. Southwark Cathedral were proposing to demolish the church and replace it with a building that would also have boxed in
the Winchester Park Estate residents, who would have lost their sunlight and privacy.


The withdrawn proposal could have ruined, as well as ended access to, our Community Garden, created from the rubble of a World War 2 bombsite by locals and maintained by them for nearly 40 years.

In September 2009, local residents presented Alternative Plans drawn up by our architects, for a community and cultural centre and community garden, instead of the market rent flats proposed. Our proposal could provide as much, if not more, income than the Cathedral's latest proposals.

Southwark Cathedral has apologised fornot taking into consideration the letters, voices and wishes of local people in the past so ....


For the first time, there appears to be a shared will between the community and the cathedral to build something that enhances all our lives.


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