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19/08/2010 23:06
Dean attacks the ‘lying’ volunteers he’s banned its commiunity garden
17/08/2010 15:29
BBC TV News reported on local people being locked out of their community garden by Southwark Cathedral. Shortly before the BBC filmed, the cathedral removed its padlocks. The Garden is now open for all to enjoy.    
31/07/2010 11:53
Download Save All Hallows News No 4 - featuring "Southwark Cathedral submiting a new planning application without consultation."
19/09/2009 14:31
RESIDENTS ASK TUTU FOR HELP. A Group of Borough residents in dispute with Southwark Cathedral have asked Archbishop Desmond Tutu to intervene in their conflict with the church.
19/09/2009 14:09
South London residents appeal to Archbishop Tutu to intervene in row with Southwark Cathedral as BBC Ground Force star joins campaign to save hidden gem A small community in south London is publicly appealing to Archbishop Desmond Tutu to intervene in a bitter dispute between its...
13/09/2009 16:57
Download Save All Hallows News No 3 - featuring "Residents present alternative plans for All Hallows Church and Community Garden."
24/08/2009 00:00
Download Save All Hallows News 2.doc - Celebration picnic to mark All Hallows Community Garden winning a Southwark in Bloom Award.
09/08/2009 00:00
Download Save All Hallows News No 1.doc - our first Newsletter which was distributed to local residents and posted up on local estates.
18/07/2009 08:29
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18/07/2009 08:28
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