19/08/2010 23:06
Dean attacks the ‘lying’ volunteers he’s banned its commiunity garden
17/08/2010 15:29
BBC TV News reported on local people being locked out of their community garden by Southwark Cathedral. Shortly before the BBC filmed, the cathedral removed its padlocks. The Garden is now open for all to enjoy.    
19/09/2009 14:31
RESIDENTS ASK TUTU FOR HELP. A Group of Borough residents in dispute with Southwark Cathedral have asked Archbishop Desmond Tutu to intervene in their conflict with the church.
26/06/2009 16:07
RESIDENTS LAUNCH CAMPAIGN AGAINST CATHEDRAL PLANS TO BUILD ON OLD CHURCH Borough residents are preparing to take on Southwark Cathedral for the third time in four years, as it plans to submit proposals to demolish a derelict church and neighbouring homes to build new flats.
25/06/2009 16:18
'SAVE BOROUGH'S ALL HALLOWS CHURCH' Clergy and irate residents are at loggerheads over a controversial development. Southwark Cathedral has twice had applications to redevelop All Hallows Church in Copperfield Street, Borough, rejected by Southwark planners after fierce local opposition to the...